22 August 2018

Omsk Electromechanical Plant will supply metal structures for the city and region

Acting Governor of the Omsk Region paid a working visit to the Omsk Electromechanical Plant.

During the event, which was also attended by the mayor of Omsk, Oksana Fadina, and the Minister of Industry, Transport and Innovative Technologies of the Omsk Region, Andrei Posazhennikov, the management of the Omsk Electromechanical Plant demonstrated the company's production capabilities and technical equipment. The head of the region, Alexander Burkov, noted the high level of production at the plant, product quality and potential. According to him, the visit to Omsk EMZ is an informational, with the aim of identifying points of interaction and ensuring orders for the enterprise.

“We see that the Plant has carried out almost complete technical re-equipment, today it works with new technologies, receives decent orders from the North from oilmen, gas industry workers, power engineers. Moreover, today, in discussions with the company’s management, we have definitely found a niche for orders from the city and region where technical regulations can be applied, provide this company with additional orders, increase production scale, thereby increasing budget allocations and most importantly increase the number of jobs. This is what we need today, in the presence of unemployment in the region, despite the fact that today a large part of the working-age population is leaving for the North, sufficiently qualified and educated personnel. I believe that here is one of the sites where we can keep them in our territory, where they can get jobs and decent wages, ”commented A.L. Burkov.

According to Dmitry Kopyltsov, General Director of Omsk EMZ JSC, interaction with authorities is one of those factors that allow you to move confidently forward, to continue production development.

“In 2017, we introduced a new hot-dip galvanizing shop, which made it possible to provide an additional one hundred jobs. New, really relevant, high-tech and environmentally friendly production allows us to work with the city in terms of new standards and technical regulations, in order to move from traditional painting, which will last no more than three to five years to the hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures with a guarantee of wear resistance from 35 to 50 years. And this, respectively, and aesthetics, and reducing maintenance costs in the future. Thus, the issue of saving for the city budget is being resolved, and for us this is the provision of additional orders and jobs. We actively interact with the center of employment of the population, constantly replenish our staff, due to the increase in production load. We are planning to upgrade equipment, replace it with a more automated one, and now we are recruiting, training and retraining personnel. ”

Dmitry Alekseevich, also noted that in recent years there has been a positive development of the enterprise: “Today, the number of the plant is 500 people, the average salary is about 37-40 thousand rubles. With the increase in orders, respectively, tax revenues to budgets of different levels increase every year ”.


For reference.

Omsk Electromechanical Plant was founded in 1958 as the base enterprise of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the RSFSR. Today it is among the largest manufacturers of metal structures for the energy, oil and gas industries. The company performs a full cycle of work - from design to production and hot-dip galvanizing of structures.

The main activity of the enterprise is the production of steel poles for power lines according to standard and own projects (including curved profile poles intended for the construction of overhead power lines in any climatic conditions), high-voltage line poles, floodlight towers, antenna towers for radio-relay and cellular lines communications, supports for pipelines, building structures.

The production capacity of the enterprise is 15 thousand tons per year.

The production structure of JSC "Omsk EMZ" includes the first in the Omsk region workshop of hot galvanizing of metal structures.

The capacity of the workshop is 20 thousand tons of structures per year.

The workshop is equipped with modern equipment by KVK-Koerner and ZinkKoerner (Austria). At the end of 2017, the total volume of galvanized metal products amounted to 12,200 tons.

The technological line of the enterprise allows galvanizing of especially large structures with dimensions of up to 12.8 × 1.5 × 2.8 m.