31 October 2018

Bookcrossing at Omsk EMZ

Omsk Electromechanical Plant joined the world project on the exchange of books.

Rack with books located in the entrance group of the production department of the enterprise. Now, during working breaks, workers will be able to read an interesting book or magazine, and also, if they wish, take the publication home with them.

Public Relations Specialist of the Omsk Electromechanical Plant: “This is the first time we are launching a similar project at the plant and very much hope that it will find its response. Such mini-libraries are quite popular all over the world and have already received their recognition in Russia. This is a great opportunity for each person to learn something new, to expand their knowledge and reading list. Sometimes we forget that a book is a very useful thing that helps a person to develop and improve himself. At the first stage, we tried to make the selection of books as varied as possible so that everyone could find a piece to their liking. In the future, we expect that employees will actively take part in the action and share their personal books that they have already read and perhaps for some reason gathering dust on the shelves. ”

“To stop reading books is to stop thinking”

Fedor M. Dostoevsky